Co-living with privacy in mind.

Ratio’s Co-Living Expandable Studios consist of 4 fully furnished private bedrooms each with an ensuite bathroom. Each bedroom has a private bathroom, closet, workspace, and bed. The apartments come fully furnished with state-of-the-art Ori furniture. In addition to your fully furnished private bedroom, the Quantum shared living space comes with barstools, a round table with 4 chairs, 2 armchairs and a mounted TV. The kitchen has Fashion Gray Soft-Close Cabinetry, Quartz Countertops, White Tile Backsplash and Vinyl Wood Flooring.

Meeting your new best friends is easy with the Co-Living Expandable Studios. Socialize in the shared living space and get some ‘you’ time in your private bedroom. Relax on your balcony or get some work done at your pull-out desk.  

Each of the 4 private bedrooms comes with the Ori Cloud Bed and the Ori Pocket Closet. The Ori Cloud Bed transforms from a couch to a bed with the push of a button. The Ori Pocket Closet stores your clothes, acts as a TV stand and a pull-out desk.

Move into your fully furnished co-living suite with just a suitcase.

Built-in luxury with a hidden bedroom.

Upgrade your apartment with multi-functionality that makes it feel twice as big. With Ori Cloud Bed, you get a full bedroom and a stylish living room setup, all within one flexible space that adapts to your daily routine. With the touch of a button, the bed silently floats up and disappears into the ceiling, revealing living space that’s ideal for lounging or entertaining. Crafted from Spanish poplar, the Cloud Bed creates a space that’s cozy, productive, and perfect for entertaining — whatever you need in the moment. From hiding clutter to making room for guests to creating a private refuge for relaxation, it’s an apartment that truly makes room for you.

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